Online Database of Anti-Slavery and Anti-segregation Petitions

I ran across this via

Yesterday saw the official debut of the Digital Archive of Massachusetts Anti-Slavery and Anti-Segregation Petitions. This online database is a collaboration between the Massachusetts Archives and Harvard’s Radcliffe Institute, Center for American Political Studies, and Hutchins Center for African and African American Research.

So I checked it out, looking for Topsfield, of course. I found three items which should be seen here:

There are only three:

1840 To the U.S. House of Representatives to remove the gag rule which is from Topsfield directly;

1845 To the Committee on Public Charitable Institutions of the Massachusetts House of Representatives for “Support for asylum for discharged convicts” which was a wide area petition with some Topsfield residents identified;

1861 To the Committee on Personal Liberty for the repeal of the Personal Liberty Laws

The formatting is not easy for the general reader to figure out but you can see the original petitions and there is a transcription of the names.

They cover my subject topic only tangentially but it is interesting to see who signed it. There are some familiar names there.

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