Catherine & Scipio – Part III

On May 27, Catherine and Scipio’s first child was baptized in the Topsfield church. Reverend Joseph Emerson recorded the baptism in his ledger as can be seen here:


It seems that he originally left a blank space for Scipio’s name. Later he (or possibly someone else) entered Sharper’s name instead of Scipio’s. Sharper was an enslaved man who was married to Deborah and with whom he had had a daughter, baptized also as Zilpah the week before. Sharper, himself, was held in slavery in Wenham by Samuel Gott.

As we’ll see tomorrow, two years later, Catherine had a second child baptized. Looking at Rev. Emerson’s recording of that ceremony will help to answer the question about why he entered the wrong name for Catherine’s Zilpah’s father.

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