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Essex County Massachusetts Freedom Case Participants 1760 - 1783

Mr. Oxenbridge Thacher (1719-1765)


Biography: Lawyer.


" Oxenbridge Thacher, son of Oxenbridge Thacher, was born in Milton in 1720, and graduated in Harvard in 1738. He first studied divinity and afterwards law, and became a leading lawyer of his town. He was a representative from 1763 to his death, which took place in Boston July 8, 1765."

Note Citation: Davis, William T. Bench and Bar of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. [Boston]: The Boston History Company, 1895. .

" OXENBRIDGE THACHER (1719-1765). Harvard 173 8. Said to have studied law with Jeremiah Gridley, q.v. Admitted attorney, SCJ, Feb. 1752; barrister, Aug. 1762. Leading lawyer, whig politician, and pamphleteer. Served on numerous Boston committees. Argued with Otis in 1761 against the application of the customs officers for writs of assistance (No. 44). Appointed Justice of the Peace, 1761. Represented Boston in the House, 1763-1765, leading the opposition to the American Act of 1764 with his pamphlet, 'Sentiments of a British American'. IO Sibley-Shipton, Harvard Graduates 322-328. See also Bernard Bailyn, Pamphlets of the American Revolution, 1: 484- 488 (Cambridge, Mass., 1965)."

Note Citation: Adams, John, L. Kinvin Wroth, and Hiller B. Zobel. Legal Papers of John Adams. Cambridge, Mass: Belknap Press of Harvard University Press, 1965. Volume 1.