NorthShore Slavery

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Essex County Massachusetts Freedom Case Participants 1760 - 1783

Samuel Holton Physician (1738-1816)


Biography: Physcian, Elected Danvers Rep. to General Court 1768. ECCP Judge 1776 - 1808. Justice General Sessions of the Peace 35 years. JP for 15 years. Seved in Congress two years. Citation: "History of the town of Danvers, from its early settlement to the year 1848." Hanson, John Wesley, 1848.

Comments: ECCP Reimbursed for Travel: 50 miles; Attendance: 4 days 0-13-8

Casar vs. Samuel Taylor (1772) Summonsed and Reimbursed
Sampson vs.Caleb Dodge and Josiah Batchelder (1775) Arbitrator
Pomp Somerset vs Richard Greenleaf (1776) Inferior Court Justice
Timon vs. Peter Osgood (1777) Inferior Court Justice
Adventurer vs. Vanderhoaf (1782) Inferior Court Justice
Cloe Hale vs. Nathaniel Hale (1782) Inferior Court Justice